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Y kombucha mangue

The best is Yet to come

Liquid equilibrium and the best of all worlds

Y is the vision of gardY furY, CEO and co-founder. Distinct entities unite to find a new balance and strength, creating the best of all worlds. Like an inverted Y, they eventually met and now walk the same path.


In the summer of 2011, Alexandra roY - Vice President and co-founder - discovered and shared a bottle of kombucha with her partner gardY furY. Since then, they have been enjoying kombucha every day.


In 2013, gardY furY, while wearing his electric artist's cap that year, triggered the very first "show stopper" in the history of Quebec show business. In the same vein, he wishes to associate his success and identity with a new emerging product that conveys healthy lifestyle values.

Paths & One Choice

A new passion was born!  Starting in their own kitchen, the couple immersed themselves in the study of fermentation and functional food.

gardY then met with the president of a Montreal kombucha company. Without hesitation, the president named him their brand ambassador. Quickly, gardy's ideas began to ferment ! Concrete and strategic action plans followed that supported the positioning, awareness and promotion of kombucha’s virtues.

Barely two years later, gardY decided to start his own company. Later, he met a brewer in a modest workshop on the Plateau and from this collaboration, Y was born. The tightrope walker's life now oscillates between the cultural and business worlds. Since then, Y has moved to larger production facilities and have built an amazing team that has brought the company's vision to life!


Y officially entered the Québec market on May 14, 2018 and brought a new dynamic to the kombucha community. At the inauguration, Y was very proud to welcome many special guests, including Montréal mayor, Valérie Plante, and Saint-Laurent borough mayor, Alan deSousa.


At that time, Y offered 5 delicious flavors based on SIMPLICITY and ACCESSIBILITY for EVERYBODY. Consumers loved it and quickly confirmed its dazzling success. Y is made from real natural and certified organic ingredients.

In just 8 months, Y pushes the market limits by becoming the Bell Centre's 1st kombucha partner! Y is also the beverage of choice by Montreal Canadiens players.


Y also stands out as a leading international kombucha brand as the official partner of the Canadian F1 Grand Prix!

Logo Y kombucha
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