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Y kombucha cassis

Y, liquid equilibrium

With its slogan :
"Y liquid equilibrium",
Like a tightrope walker, it plays its role well by walking on the thin line combining both: health and good taste, good content in a beautiful container,
"cool and functional".

Y kombucha framboise

Healthy eating habits

We are a family business. We want to promote healthy eating habits, ethical consumption, and environmentally responsible product offerings. 

Y is a lively and effervescent drink. It is the fermented product of tea, sugar and micro-organisms’ culture.

Y is an incredibly healthy choice! Less sugar than a soft drink or juice, and so much tastier!

Y kombucha framboise

Y ?

We offer the most delectable kombucha on the market! Word of Y! Created from real fruit and organic ingredients, these are macerated to extract their quintessence.


In our elixirs, no flavourings, no "herbal teas or juices with the flavour of...", and mostly no preservatives.

Only the essential ingredients go into the making of Y!

Health, does not mean deprivation!

If you don’t love kombucha, it’s because you don’t know “Y” !

Y kombucha houblon

Internal process

from A to Y

Everything is done from "A to Y" in our production facilitY, and we are very proud of it! Raw material processing, fermentation of our mothers (scobY), brewing, maceration, bottling.


Everything is "made in Y".

Y kombucha local


Y is based in Montreal and is a company that actively participates in the Canadian economy.

We have magnificent resources in Quebec and we are happy to promote them on a global scale.

Among our delicious and unique flavours, 3 come from our region: The blackcurrant of Du capitaine de l'Île d'Orléans, the blueberries from Mistassini and our legendary and extremely rare hops from the surrondings of Montréal

We even tried to find Canadian mango, but unfortunately, we’ve only found a Yeti…


Y ecocert
Y biologique Canada
Y casher


Co-owned by a woman

No preservatives or artificial flavours

We are FDA registered facility

Logo Y kombucha
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